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Hedging lifestyle and legacy interests through risk transfer techniques.

Human Capital Protection

Human Capital Protection

We believe that lifetime earning potential (human capital) must be taken into account when building optimal portfolios.  

Typically, one's human capital is their largest financial asset, especially those further away from retirement.  

Human capital derives its value from the expected flow of future income wage income.  

For risk management purposes, human capital is also able to be hedged in the event of mortality or disability. 

Longevity Planning

Longevity Planning

Individuals planning for retirement face a multitude of risks, all of which fold up into a single overarching theme: lifestyle longevity.

Will you outlive your money?

In addition to focusing on investment returns and spending rates, we endorse a comprehensive approach that includes more efficient management of liabilities, an intelligent withdrawal strategy and greater incorporation of annuitization and long-term care insurance.