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Our Observations

  • Key market segments are under served and in need of trusted purpose-driven financial planning and institutional focused investment management programs.
  • The financial services industry is going through a secular evolution that may see greater commodification of products, raid accessibility of information, and potential fee compression on traditional financial advisor business models. 
  • The opportunity will be magnified going forward by the growing gap between demographic trends/needs of owners of wealth (Generation X & Y, women investors, etc.) and the skills of the current providers of financial services.
  • Innovate advice based on time-tested techniques and academically grounded research, in combination with cost-effective implementation, provides an opportunity for value innovation.
  • Finally, the financial services industry remains relatively fragmented, lacking quality comparisons and often driven by a salesman, or transaction, mentality.
  • IronBridge is focused on connecting with the changing owners of wealth, and delivering comprehensive financial solutions in a technologically evolved fashion.