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A goal-based investment focus with an empirical foundation.

Our commitment to investment clients is to deliver a better investment experience than a client would have alone, increase the probability that our clients achieve financial success, and help them avoid the behavioral tendencies that can lead to poor investment decisions.

Below is the foundation for our investment decisions. 

Outcome Focused 

Outcome Focused 

Success is determined by meeting financial goals, not beating indexes.

Process Oriented 

Process Oriented 

A disciplined process is more important than short term tactical decisions.

Empirically Based

Empirically Based

Investment decisions are based on research, not emotional sound bites.


Our process is focused on maximizing the areas that we can control and that have a meaningful impact on long-term investment success, and minimizing the risk of areas that are less controllable and that have less of an impact on investment outcome.

We design portfolios with a blend of  low-cost, efficient investments with high conviction investment strategies that have a consistent, fundamental process.

1.  Risk Allocation 

Our process focuses on three distinct risk groups: preservation, market, and opportunistic asset segments.

2.  Asset Class Tilts

Based on forward-looking market guidance, portfolios are dynamically adjusted for changing market expectations.

3.  Security Implementation

An integration of low cost ETFs for a globally diversified core and complementary active managers.


We believe there are five core areas where we can generate value for our clients. Based on industry research, it has been shown that when successfully implemented, advisors can deliver excess value of up to 3 percent per year for their clients. This is called the Return on AdviceTM .    

Supporting Research

Risk Tolerance & Capacity Determination with Review

Asset Class Selection & Allocation

Investment Vehicle & Strategy Selection

Portfolio Construction & Systematic Rebalancing

Ongoing Tax Management